Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yeah, Sunday, Sunday

I'm so pleased to be back again with the Six Sentence Sunday gang of amazing writers. Please make sure to check out the other author's websites. The list is here. Browse and enjoy!

This month I'm planning to feature snippets from Fleeing Fate, my paranormal romance, which is part of the Pricked, tattoo themed series from Ellora's Cave and also the first book in my Unveiled Seductions series. It's available for pre-order, and I'm soooo excited about the entire series.

In this excerpt, Jakuta, a banished West African storm god, sees Grainne for the first time. He knows nothing about her except that she's trouble with a capital "T". Hope you enjoy it!

She did nothing to call attention to herself. In fact she moved with the milling crowd as though a part of it, skirting the edges of groups, seeming on the verge of joining first one and then another without actually doing so.

Yet somehow he knew she wasn’t there to celebrate with the happy couple. The ribbons of white-hot electricity zapping along his tribal marks, burning across his face, belly and back, told him so. And an insistent rumble of lust in his blood, slowly rising to a booming crescendo as he tracked her path toward Ula’s desk, reinforced it.

The urge to go downstairs immediately, get closer so as to see her face and hear her voice, was overwhelming but he couldn’t seem to make his body move.

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