Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Six...more Fleeing Fate

Welcome to my little corner of Six Sentence Sunday! Please make sure you visit all the other wonderful participants, the list of whom is here.

Again this week I'm featuring a snippet of Fleeing Fate, my fantasy novella being released by Ellora's Cave on July 4, 2012, and already available for pre-order. Jakuta, the storm god, already knows Grainne, the banshee, is going cause him no end of trouble. She's about to realize the trouble will be mutual. Hope you enjoy it!

His eyelids drifted down to reveal their thick, curling lashes, and the corners of his mouth tilted up in a slow, sexy smile. When he touched her cheek a jolt of electricity almost knocked GrĂ inne off her feet. “Or maybe something about the two of us, together.”

Rocked back onto her heels, she could only stare into his sparkling, dangerous eyes and absorb the sensation flowing into her skin. With a soft sweep of one caressing finger he traced the line of her jaw, lingered just below her ear. Lifting one hand she grasped his wrist and, as though a circuit had been completed, felt a surge of confusion and anticipation fill her with liquid fire, setting her ablaze from the inside out.

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