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Six Sentence Sunday

O.M.G. What a week...I'm beyond thrilled at the reception Stone-Hard Passion has received. This is my thirteenth release in all, and having people love my work never, ever gets old. Thank you sooo much to everyone who's bought it and I really hope you've enjoyed it!
Please make sure to browse and comment on as many of the Six Sentence Sunday participating authors' posts as you can. We all appreciate it greatly!
This week, the black moment...or one of them anyway!

He’d first known he was falling in love with her when he realized she made him feel normal—not a troll, but just a regular being. The fall was completed when he realized she made him feel not just normal but like a normal man. It was something he’d never experienced before—never expected to experience. Now he’d come to crave it more than food, than water. The knowledge that she saw him, liked him, desired him, made him complete.
And he was on the verge of losing her, the end of this ideal moment of life coming at him as swiftly as the edge of the meadow and the cliff beyond.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Release Day is Here!!!

I interrupt my usual Foodie Friday fare to celebrate the release of Stone-Hard Passion, book two in my Unveiled Seductions series and the second of my Pricked series releases! If you really, really MUST have a blog today from me concerning food, may I suggest visiting the lovely Dawn Montgomery’s blog where, in June, I got to talk about food and writing and, of course, Stone-Hard Passion
No, there really is no escape from it today. I’m too excited!
It hasn’t been that long since I got word the book was accepted for publication, but sometimes I feel as though it’s been forever. Especially since it’s been up for pre-order at Ellora’s Cave for ages. I’ve caught myself about to blurt out a plot point or two as though everyone’s already got a chance to read it and had to bite my tongue. Thank goodness that part of the wait is almost over!
I’m hopping all over the blog-o-sphere today, so I hope you’ll come visit me either at Sidney Bristol’s blog where I’m talking about troll redemption, or at Cristal Ryder’s where I ask, “What makes a hero sexy?” I’m also at the Beyond the Veil blog doing my monthly post and talking about the movies I saw this month, including my take on the good and bad of Magic Mike. Strangely enough, there I only mention Stone-Hard Passion in passing…go figure! Tomorrow I’ll be at Jayne Kingston’s blog too, talking about my birthday plans, which may just involve a tattoo! Stop at one, or two, or all of them and say hello.
As a wonderful extra boost to my week, the cherry on the sundae so to speak, yesterday I found out my book Beyond Prudence was a recommended read on All Romance e-books! Lady Rhyleigh had some lovely things to say, such as, "This book was an awesome and amazing visualization of steampunk erotica." WOW! I'm humbled and elated, all at once. Happy Birthday to me! :) 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jayne Kingston in the house!

Today I'm so pleased to welcome another of the Pricked authors, the marvelous Jayne Kingston whose book Ink Lust was released yesterday. Does it ever sound good... Take it away, Jayne!

Thank you for having me on your blog today, Anya! I hope you’re having as much fun as I’ve been having with all the tattooed hotness happening over at Ellora’s Cave this month.

I’ve made a sort of unofficial observation throughout my years of getting tattooed. (I have five that I’ve gotten over the span of ten years or so.) Women seem to prefer having someone with them when they sit in the chair while men usually go it alone.

I think for us women it’s similar to going to the bathroom in pairs or groups. We don’t need someone to go with us, of course. It’s just more fun with friends. Going to the bathroom together gives us a chance to gossip amongst ourselves, snark about the skinny girl who’s skirt is way too short even though she’s really hot and we’re just jealous, and borrow or share lipstick or a piece of gum if one of us left ours at home.

Having a friend sit with you while you’re getting tattooed is almost a necessary distraction because, let’s face it, getting tattooed hurts like crazy. Even if you have a high threshold for pain like I do, it freakin’ stings, right?

I had a friend for all three of my first tattoos, and she was a godsend. She checked in with me every so often to make sure I was all right. She kept me talking to keep my mind off the needle. She got me something to drink when nerves kicked in and my mouth dried up like the desert. She drove me home afterward when I felt a little shaky.

I’ve gone to several appointments alone as well, and while my artists have all been extremely interesting to talk to, there’s still nothing like having a girlfriend there for moral support as well.

Are you tattooed? Did you have a friend or family member to keep you company? Have you/could you/did you go it alone?

 Ink Lust Blurb:

Leni Brewster should have been disappointed when her twin sister had to bail on holding her hand during her first tattoo, but going to her appointment solo means time alone with the sexy-as-hell tattoo artist who falls into the Do Not Touch category two-fold.

Only Jamie Rodriguez isn’t as off-limits as Leni thinks. Privately single for months, Jamie finds himself more than looking forward to having the hot little librarian in his chair. And when she accidentally reveals a naughty secret about herself, he can’t get his hands on her fast enough—he has to know what else she’s hiding under that buttoned-up exterior of hers.

What he discovers sets his blood to boiling, igniting a burning determination to test every single one of the boundaries, both personal and physical, she’s set for herself.


“No sister to hold your hand?” he asked, moving around the tattoo chair standing at an angle in the middle of the compact room. He reached between his legs and centered his rolling stool under himself as he sat.
“Frankie came down with a cold, and Jo didn’t want to leave her,” Leni said, meaning her eight-month-old niece and twin sister, as she turned in a little circle and reacquainted herself with his room.
She liked Jamie’s space, with its dark blue walls and lush spider plants hanging in front of the small, frosted glass windows set high up on the wall. His black lacquered bookcases were filled with all sorts of odd statues, knickknacks, and an amazing array of books that ranged from glossy picture books of all kinds to odd curiosities that were fun to flip through. The walls were covered in framed photographs of him with various celebrities he’d met and/or tattooed mixed with small paintings of his.
“Poor little critter.” He made a sympathetic face as he pulled on a pair of black nitrile gloves. “You sure you want to do this without her?”
It was Leni’s turn to get the matching trio of tiger lilies, one orange, one pink and one red, she and Jo had decided to get both in honor of their mother and their bond as sisters. Their mother had raised them on her own without help from their father, his family or hers from the time they were infants, and the three of them had always been extremely close and fiercely protective of each other as a result.
The orange lily was for their mother. The field behind the house she’d raised her girls in was full of them. Her father—Leni and Jo’s grandfather—used to cut them out of the ditch in front of her childhood home and burn them every year, calling them weeds. It broke their mother’s heart, so when she had a place of her own, she filled her yard with them and let them run wild.
When she had her girls, she planted huge amounts of pink and red lilies to the field—pink for Leni, her quiet, happy girl and red for Jo, her little spitfire.
“It takes forever to get back on your books if I cancel.”
Not that he didn’t already know that. Jamie was one of the best tattoo artists in the area, and in high demand. His books were filled months in advance year round.
“She insisted I come without her,” she added. She put her purse on the small chair in the corner of the room and tucked her hands into the back pockets of her jeans.
“I’d have cleared my schedule for you,” he told her, his gaze steady on hers.
She pressed a hand to her stomach as it dipped dangerously at the look in his eyes.
“Any day, any time.” His eyes never left hers, even as he stepped on a peddle under the chair. A motor hummed to life and the back and leg rests started to lay flat, making it look more like a flat table than a dentist’s chair. “Any way, anyhow,” he added, so serious he left no question about whether he was messing with her or not.
The heat rising in her stomach burst and spread in a molten wave through her.
“Good to know,” she breathed, crossing her arms to hide that her nipples had come quite fully to attention. “Are you ready for me?”
His answering smile was positively wicked.

Available here:

Jayne Kingston is a fledgling erotic romance author. She loves telling stories about people with a lust for life in pursuit of love hereafter. You can find her all over the internet, starting with her website: See you there!

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Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks for stopping by! I'm super excited, because this week brings the release of Stone-Hard Passion. Sexy, hot troll coming your way, so I hope y'all are ready for him. Please make sure to stop by some of the other participating blogs (the list is here) and seeing what deliciousness the talented, wonderful authors have come up with for us this week!

As for Vidar, he's finally getting a taste of Jasmina...and is discovering she just might be addictive...

But he wanted to go as slowly as he could, savor every second of this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.
So he traced her eyebrows, cheeks and jaw with one finger. Jasmina moaned softly, tilted her head back, exposing her throat. So he touched that too, licking his lips as the silken flesh stretched taut and sweet beneath his fingers. When he pressed his mouth to the same spot, licking and sucking gently, her entire body arched, shuddering, and she gasped his name.
Now he couldn’t take his mouth away.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

We're Partying Today!

The Pricked authors are ganging up to bring fun, hilarity, prizes and an all-round good time to not one but TWO loops today! We'll be at the Coffee Time loop and the Ellora's Cave chat loop too! Make sure to stop by and say hi, meet the authors, play some games, hear some stories and maybe even get the chance to interact with some of their characters!
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Dangerously Delicious Food? Say it Ain't So!

Traditional Foods That Can Kill

I think most people are familiar with the Puffer Fish, or Fugu, the delicacy adored by many Japanese and yet so poisonous the Emperor of Japan is forbidden to eat it. While many of us may shake our heads at the thought of eating something that with improper preparation could be fatal, Fugu isn’t the only food that falls into the category of tasty-but-deadly.
I think, if you investigate, you’ll find many cultures consume potentially dangerous foods. In my own, Jamaican, culture there are not one but two traditional dishes that are prepared from poisonous plants. In fact, one of those two is part of the national dish, and no, I’m not talking about the salted cod…
The Ackee tree (Blighia Sapida) originated in West Africa and is thought to have been brought to the Caribbean on slave ships. Yes, the botanical name is in honor of Captain Bligh, but that’s because he introduced the tree to the Royal Botanical Society, rather than introducing the tree to the islands. In Jamaica the ackee is, for the most part, treated with the utmost respect, because everyone knows improper handling can be fatal. The fruit has to ripen on the tree, and shouldn’t be picked until it’s fully opened. The seeds and the red filaments must be removed before boiling, and the water it was cooked in must never be consumed.
The other perennial favorite in Jamaica made with a dangerous plant is bammy, which are flat, dry, savory cakes made from bitter cassava. All cassava has a certain amount of cyanide, but the bitter cassava has far more than the sweet. The cassava has to be processed in some way to eliminate the poison and, in the case of bammy the process involves grating the tubers and soaking the coarse meal repeatedly before straining, molding and pressing all the liquid out. Again, it’s the liquid that can do you in, but I’ve never heard of anyone getting sick from eating bammy, so I doubt there’s much danger involved.
Unfortunately, that’s not the case with ackee, as Jamaica sees a few cases each year of people getting ill or dying from the consumption of improperly prepared dishes. On my father’s side of the family very few members can eat ackee, even when properly cooked. My grandfather developed an allergy to it in his forties, my father and two of his siblings did too, but in their thirties. I developed it in my twenties and, as a result, I’ve never even considered giving it to my son. My allergy is so severe just lightly kissing my husband after he’s eaten some brings on a bad reaction.
This may sound as scary to the uninitiated as the Fugu does, but just a cursory search on the internet will show there are lots of potentially dangerous foods many of us are eating every day. They include some of my favorites, like nutmeg, potatoes, cherries, tomatoes and almonds. It’s almost enough to make a woman go on a starvation diet…
Nah, I’m willing to take the risk because, well, I love my food, and what a potentially delicious way to go!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stone-Hard Passion Excerpt

A short, hot excerpt from Stone-Hard Passion which will be released on July 27th. Enjoy!

Giving in to impulse, she cupped his ass with one hand, her fingers finding the hollow at the side, splaying out to cover as much of his flesh as she could. A glance in the mirror told her he was hard again—wanted her as much as she wanted him.
“You won’t lose my friendship, Vidar.” She spoke slowly, raised her other hand to caress up the front of his thigh until the tips of her fingers touched the springy thatch of hair at his groin. “Let me prove it to you.”
The shudder that went through him was violent, exciting, but she stayed where she was, giving him the chance to step away or voice any other objections he could come up with. His face had tightened, grown almost ferocious, and his breath grated in and out of his throat.
“Let me prove it.” She whispered it, tremors starting in her belly and rippling out into every inch of her body. Putting pressure into her touch, she urged him around to face her. After the briefest of hesitations, he gave in and she almost gave a shout of triumph.
Jasmina licked suddenly dry lips as she surveyed his massive cock. It truly was the most amazing she’d ever seen. The skin was like satin, stretched tight over the hard, vein-defined core. It was capped with a perfectly shaped head, darker in color, that only served to emphasize his arousal.
With a little moan of pleasure, Jasmina licked from base to tip, holding tight to his ass just in case Vidar changed his mind.
You’re not getting away from me now!

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Mixed genres and Plot Monkeys

Today I'm at Cassandra Carr's blog, talking about the fun and frustrations of writing. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm being interviewed...

...over at S.J. Drum's blog where I admit to a strange infatuation. Come on by!

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Monday morning comes too soon

This weekend has flown past, and I'm unhappy about that. There were a bunch of things I wanted to achieve but didn't...ah, well, I'm know for overscheduling myself anyway! The coming week will be fairly quiet around here, except for reminders of where I'll be otherwise on the net.

Tomorrow will find me being interviewed at SJ Drum's site. She's one of my fellow Pricked authors and her book, Sinful Southern Ink, has gotten some really nice buzz around the internet. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should!

Wednesday I'm at the inimitable Cassandra Carr's blog, talking about mixing genres and the dastardly Plot Monkeys taking over my life. (Ooooo, Wednesday is also the day the amazing and awesome Cynthia Sax's Pricked novel, Tattooed Tryst is released! I'll remind you, if you forget and just wanted to say, "Go, Cynthia!!")

Thursday I'll be posting an exclusive excerpt (short, but I promise hot!) from Stone-Hard Passion, just because I'm so freaking excited that it's less than two weeks before release day! And I'm a tease, what can I say? :D

Not sure what's in store for Foodie Friday, but you can be sure there'll be something. I've had quite a bit of interest in it, and have a couple more authors interested in guest blogging, as well as some ideas of my own.

So, hope to see you all around the web this week, and hope every day is a good one!

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Six Sentence Sunday

Today we're continuing to take a peek into Stone-Hard Passion's heroine Jasmina's slow, and somewhat unorthodox seduction of the hero Vidar... Please take a little time to browse the other participating author's Six Sentence Sunday posts, and thank you for stopping by!

For a moment he didn’t move. His gaze bored into hers, sharp as ice shards, making it an effort to keep the smile on her face. Crossing his arms, Vidar shrugged. “I never really considered it.”
Probably not, since it would mean taking off his pants for her to tattoo his ass, something this reticent man wouldn’t have thought of for himself. No, he would definitely need a nudge to show her his butt, and she was just the jinn to supply it.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Foodie Friday--Guest Post Hot Summer = Cold Soup

Today I'm welcoming a cohort of author Lynne Silver's, Marlena, who is sharing one of her delicious, and previously Top Secret recipes! Not sure how Lynne gets these secretive types to open up, but I'm glad she does. For more insider dish (and I mean that in every sense of the word!) make sure you check out Lynne's Heated Match, book one in the Coded For Love series, available now from Ellora's Cave.

Summer in the mid-Atlantic gets hot. It’s very muggy and unpleasantly humid and hot. I want to minimize my hours spent standing over the hot stove, and my boys prefer light refreshing meal options. You see, I’m the head of food services at the Program. A few weeks ago, I couldn’t tell you where I worked, but since the Program was recently featured in every newspaper thanks to a leak, I got the go-ahead from Commander Shepard to hop on some blogs and share some of my favorite recipes.
I’m required to make three squares a day for nearly 200 people, most of them genetically enhanced soldiers. They burn through a lot of calories a day in their training and I have to provide healthful filling meals. My boys (that’s what I call the soldiers) can’t get enough of my gazpacho.
When I first made it, I got a lot of pushback. They told me it was too cold, too girly, too this, too that. But then they tried it. Now I make it every Tuesday, June through September.  Here’s what I do
-          3-4 cucumbers
-          2-3 tomatoes
-          2 stalks celery
-          Half a red pepper (use a hot pepper if you like spicy)
-          Handful of basil leaves
-          3 T balsamic vinegar
-          Crushed garlic clove
-          3T olive oil
-          Kosher salt to taste
-          Tomato juice (I like the Whole Foods 365 glass bottle)
Peel & seed the cucumber, toss it in a good blender or food processer. Add all the veggies and oil/vinegar and grind until it’s a thick puree. Transfer the mass to a large glass bowl. Pour in tomato juice until it’s the consistency you want. Chill then serve.

Enjoy! From Marlena

Heated Match


A lead byline and a cover story were what journalist Loren Stanton wanted most. Until she meets genetically enhanced soldier, Adam Blacker. Team leader of a top-secret covert ops group, Adam never wanted to search for his genetic match, but whenever he gets close to Loren, things turn hot quickly, making him forget every reason he had for retaining his bachelor status. After a scorching night together, neither is in any doubt they are connected at the DNA-deep level, although both fear the high stakes of what it means to be together.

Loren gives Adam two weeks to prove he is bred for more than war. He must show he is coded for love.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

The unfortunate effects of the Evil Day Job!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Take on A.J.'s Angel by L.A. Witt

I’m a L.A. Witt fan…let’s just get that out there. I like her style and the flow of her books and, most importantly, I like her characters. The situations they’re in read as realistic to me—I can totally believe their emotions and understand why they do the things they do.
So, already having read a couple of her books that I enjoyed, I couldn’t resist buying A.J.’s Angel. Here’s the blurb, so you understand why:

Tattoos fade with time. Emotions never lose their edge.
Luke Emerson is the last person Sebastian Wakefield expects to see strolling into his tattoo shop. But Luke’s not back after four years to take up where they left off. Not even to apologize for the cheating that broke them up.
Luke wants a custom tattoo, a memorial for someone known only as “A.J.”. Much as Seb would love to tell Luke to take his ink and shove it, he’s a professional. Plus, he’s reluctant to admit, he wouldn’t mind getting his hands on Luke again. Even if it’s just business.
Once Luke’s in the tattoo chair, though, Seb finds himself struggling with all the anger and resentment he thought he’d left behind—and those aren’t the only feelings reignited. Their relationship may have been turbulent, but it was also passionate. Four years clearly hasn’t been long enough for the embers of that fire to go cold.
A few subtle hints from Luke is all it takes to make Seb consider indulging in some of that physical passion. It shouldn’t be that tough to keep his emotions from getting tangled up in sweaty sheets.
After all, it’s not like he’s in love with Luke anymore. Right?
Product Warnings – Contains two exes who shouldn’t want each other like this, steamy ex-sex they shouldn’t be having, and a whole lot of ink.

Ex-lovers! Betrayal! The hints that what poor Seb thinks he feels may not be all there is to the story, even four years along. How could I resist?
I’m glad I didn’t.
As always, L.A.’s stories are equally as full of emotion as they are scorching hot. And one of the things I really like about them (and I don’t know if other readers feel this way) is that in the end, sometimes there aren’t any cut-and-dried answers as to why people do the things they do. I love getting lost in a fantasy world, but it’s the realistic touches that truly, for me, bring them to life. Sometimes people do stupid things for no good reason, then they have to deal with the fallout.
Seb’s internal dialog is spot on…that little voice that we all experience telling us, “Don’t fucking do it!” That little voice we all too often don’t listen to. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes bad, but I found myself shaking my head in sympathy as Seb battled with his tangled emotions.
To this point I haven’t met a L.A. Witt book I didn’t like, and A.J.’s Angel is no exception. If you like hot M/M romances with realistic situations and both heart and a few LOL moments, give A.J.’s Angel a read. You won’t be disappointed!

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Monday already???

This will be a fairly quiet blogging week for me, outside of whatever happens here. The most exciting event scheduled at the blog is that Lynne Silver is stopping by for Foodie Friday! I’m looking forward to seeing what she cooks up, so to speak…
Things are jumping at EDJ#1. It’s the busiest time of the real estate year and although this has been a sort of strange year, with a lot of action earlier because of a nice, mild spring, we’re still hopping. EDJ#2 is just being its usual self, and I’m actually hoping they neglected to schedule me for more than one shift this week. My writing mojo has been low, and I’d love an extra day this week to try and get it back!
On Tuesday I’ll talk about a book I read last week and really enjoyed. I like the idea of boosting other authors, so if I read something and enjoy it, I’ll post something about why I did. No ratings or anything like that and, since I tend not to read a lot when I’m writing, this will be a fairly sporadic feature of the blog. I’ll save ‘em up when I go on my reading marathons and spread them out. Unless they’re trad pubbed, they’ll still be available if anyone wants to check them out, so no need to rush!
Saturday I’ll be over at the Silken Sheets and Seductions blog, where I’m talking about what makes a hero sexy. Hope you’ll stop by and say hi!
Have a great week everyone, and don't forget to check out Fleeing Fate and the other Pricked books that released last week, Nick at Night by Eileen Ann Brennan and Sinful Southern Ink by S.J. Drum. There are more coming out this week, so save your pennies...there's a lot of hot, tattooed action waiting for you at EC!

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Six Sentence Sunday

I had planned last week to start posting excerpts from my up-coming release, Stone-Hard Passion, but decided instead to give one last snippet from Fleeing Fate, which was released on July 3rd. It's been a great week, as the Pricked series of books launched and I buzzed around other author's blogs promoing and enjoying talking with readers. But this week I'm looking ahead, and want to introduce you to Vidar Jarlsen and Jasmina Elalmadhoun, troll and jinn, respectively. In this snippet, their journey into each other's arms is just about to begin, but only one of them has any clue that's the direction they're heading!

Please make sure to stop by all the other amazing contributors to SSS this week by browsing the list here.

Startled, she automatically fell into step beside him, glancing up at him from the corner of her eye. He was looking straight ahead, as though there was nothing unusual about the fact they were holding hands. This from the man who couldn’t look her in the eye for longer than a couple of seconds when he first came to the Café to inquire about getting his tats.
She suppressed a giggle, amused at her surprise. They’d known each other for two years and she was shocked that he’d actually loosened up enough to hold hands with her…as a friend? Perhaps, if she were patient enough, in another ten she could get him into bed.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Guest--S.J. Drum and Sinful Southern...Potato Salad???

In celebration of the release of my book, Sinful Southern Ink, I've decided to share a recipe I learned from a dear friend while living in the sweltering heat of Louisiana.

Take everything you think you know about this summer classic, wad it up, and toss it on your BBQ to be consumed by the cleansing fire. Now, you’re ready to make my Sinful Southern Potato Salad.

It’s all about the details. First, and most importantly, the only acceptable mayo for Potato Salad is Blue Plate brand mayo. If you live in a northern state like I do, you either have to buy it online or have a very awesome southern buddy mail it to you. Yes, I actually receive jars of Blue Plate mayo in a box (usually packed along with some Community brand Coffee from Louisiana) and jump up and down like it’s freaking Christmas morning. It’s that good.

For this recipe, you will need:
1.       Blue Plate Mayo
2.       Yellow Mustard
3.       Dill Pickles
4.       Dill seasoning, fresh or dried
5.       Eggs
6.       Red Potatoes
7.       Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning (Tony C’s is available at any supermarket, and is a MUST for this recipe.)

This is where it gets tricky. The instructions for making this recipe are more like Southern driving directions than measured, scientific steps. “A left after the old school house, a right at the big Cypress tree, if you reach New Orleans…you’ve gone too far.”

Step 1: Wash potatoes, chop into cubes, rinse.
Step 2: Boil eggs (however many you want, I like a lot in my potato salad) and boil potatoes until done.
Step 3: Drain potatoes and cool eggs until they can be safely handled, then peel, rinse, and chop the eggs.
Step 4: Add a couple big, heaping spoonfuls of Blue Plate Mayo and a giant squirt of Yellow Mustard to the potato and egg mixture. (See? Clear as mud, right?) Mix it around until it has the color and consistency you want, then taste to make sure you don’t need to add more mustard.
Step 5: Mince some Dill Pickles. Yup, pickles. I use whatever I have in the fridge, whole, sliced, doesn’t matter. How much? Eh… About a quarter cup, less if you’re making a small batch of potato salad. Add this to your potatoes and eggs.
Step 6: Sprinkle fresh or dried dill into the salad mixture. A couple pinches should do it.
Step 7: Shake what looks like an obscene about of Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning onto the salad mixture. (Okay, if you’re new to Tony C’s, maybe start with just a dash.) Mix it up. Taste.

*The weird thing about Sinful Southern Potato Salad? It’s a bit spicy and can be served warm or cold. Yeah, you heard me. Warm Potato Salad. Sounds yucky, right? Wrong! Try it warm, it’s dang good!*

Remember, Sinful Southern Potato Salad cannot be made without Blue Plate Brand Mayo and Tony Cachere’s Creole Seasoning. If you attempt to make it without these things, southern ladies around the country will burst into tears. No one wants that.

Check out Sinful Southern Ink, by me, S.J. Drum. A first-in-series about small-town, tattooed heroes and the women who love them…or absolutely hate them, and then eventually love them. Sexy, edgy, funny.

Jed Weston is a tall, hard country boy with dangerous cowboy charm and piercings in all the right places. As Abigail’s partner in her tattoo and piercing shop, he’s kept things between them on a strictly professional level. Until Abigail’s violent past catches up with her and she seeks his comfort—comfort that leads to an intense emotional and sexual connection neither can ignore. Jed’s jealous ex-girlfriend, a nosy reporter, and a potential father-in-law on death row won’t keep him from the woman who makes him hard at the very sight of her. Nothing will keep Jed Weston from catching—and keeping—the woman he loves.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

T Minus 24 Hours

Fleeing Fate is being released tomorrow! I'm so excited about this book, the Pricked series and my own continuing Unveiled Seductions series (I'm sure you're tired of hearing that, but it's TRUE!!). Today I'm just posting the beautiful cover and blurb of Fleeing Fate but you can read an excerpt here, and look for me at Sidney Bristol's blog tomorrow, where I'll be giving away a copy of Fleeing Fate!

Fleeing Fate
Anya Richards

Jakuta Dagbo knows bad weather’s approaching, even though the sky above the faie world is clear. And when Gràinne Bairdie walks into The Midnight Café wanting an arcane tattoo, he realizes the tempest raging into his life has nothing to do with wind and rain. Just one look at her brings his storm god libido, and the protective instincts he no longer trusts, to thundering life.
Gràinne’s a banshee on the run, desperate to claim the emotions she’s sure are rightfully hers and with no time to explore the sparks of need flying between herself and Jakuta. What she’s trying to do will bring the wrath of the Banshee Council down on her head, and she knows they’ll do anything to stop her.
Yet, as Gràinne and Jakuta peel back the layers of their lives, searching for the answers she needs, they can’t ignore the lightning-hot passion searing their blood. And when emotion reaches its apex, demanding complete surrender to the cyclone of desire, neither can resist. Even if it means Gràinne’s banshee wail of release will be her last.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Morning...sort of

I know the calendar says it's Monday, but it doesn't really feel like it, and I'm not complaining! It's still Canada Day...well the official day off for it anyway, so I'm keeping on my PJs a little longer (at least until I take Sable for a walk) and relaxing before I get back to my WIP. The kids will be all here for a BBQ later, but that's the only thing planned. How lovely!
This week marks the release of the Pricked series from Ellora's Cave, and I get to lead off the tattoo hotness with Fleeing Fate! Today I'm blogging at Long and Short Reviews, Wednesday I'll be at the awesome Sidney Bristol's blog and on Friday I welcome S.J. Drum, who'll be guest blogging for Foodie Friday.
I'm really excited about both the Pricked releases and my on-going Unveiled Seductions series. I *squeed* like a pre-pubescent girl last week when the Final-final version of Stone-Hard Passion came in from my editor.
On June 26th we already got a sneak preview of Cynthia Sax's Pricked release, Tattooed Tryst, and over the next few weeks there'll be other authors dropping by to tell us about their up-coming books. It'll be awesome, so make sure to check back!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy SSS (and Canada Day!)

By the time most of you are reading this, I will have officially become a Canadian citizen! I was tickled to be invited to take the Oath on Canada Day, and it doesn't hurt that this week Fleeing Fate will be released too. Despite the ups and downs, the sadness and pain, life is GOOD.

I'd planned to start teasing my visitors with some snippets from my second release for July Stone-Hard Passion, but in honor of Fleeing Fate's release, here's one more glimpse into the tumultuous relationship between storm god Jakuta and his banshee lover.

Heart breaking, body strained and taut with arousal, he kissed his way back up her body, lingering, committing each curve and swell to memory, pulling the sea-washed scent of her deep into his lungs. She had gone still, as though knowing what he was doing, what was about to happen, but her breath shuddered and rasped, her hands trembled.
When they were face-to-face he found her eyes open, trained on his, her lips quivering, tears trailing down her temples to dampen her hair. Her legs came around his waist and she released her grip on his head so as to twine her arms around his neck. The tip of his cock found her heat with flawless, heartbreaking precision.
There was no need for words, for anything but the connection crackling and streaming between them.

Please make sure to visit some of the other awesome authors participating in Six Sentence Sunday, and thank you for stopping by!