Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stone-Hard Passion Excerpt

A short, hot excerpt from Stone-Hard Passion which will be released on July 27th. Enjoy!

Giving in to impulse, she cupped his ass with one hand, her fingers finding the hollow at the side, splaying out to cover as much of his flesh as she could. A glance in the mirror told her he was hard again—wanted her as much as she wanted him.
“You won’t lose my friendship, Vidar.” She spoke slowly, raised her other hand to caress up the front of his thigh until the tips of her fingers touched the springy thatch of hair at his groin. “Let me prove it to you.”
The shudder that went through him was violent, exciting, but she stayed where she was, giving him the chance to step away or voice any other objections he could come up with. His face had tightened, grown almost ferocious, and his breath grated in and out of his throat.
“Let me prove it.” She whispered it, tremors starting in her belly and rippling out into every inch of her body. Putting pressure into her touch, she urged him around to face her. After the briefest of hesitations, he gave in and she almost gave a shout of triumph.
Jasmina licked suddenly dry lips as she surveyed his massive cock. It truly was the most amazing she’d ever seen. The skin was like satin, stretched tight over the hard, vein-defined core. It was capped with a perfectly shaped head, darker in color, that only served to emphasize his arousal.
With a little moan of pleasure, Jasmina licked from base to tip, holding tight to his ass just in case Vidar changed his mind.
You’re not getting away from me now!

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