Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy SSS (and Canada Day!)

By the time most of you are reading this, I will have officially become a Canadian citizen! I was tickled to be invited to take the Oath on Canada Day, and it doesn't hurt that this week Fleeing Fate will be released too. Despite the ups and downs, the sadness and pain, life is GOOD.

I'd planned to start teasing my visitors with some snippets from my second release for July Stone-Hard Passion, but in honor of Fleeing Fate's release, here's one more glimpse into the tumultuous relationship between storm god Jakuta and his banshee lover.

Heart breaking, body strained and taut with arousal, he kissed his way back up her body, lingering, committing each curve and swell to memory, pulling the sea-washed scent of her deep into his lungs. She had gone still, as though knowing what he was doing, what was about to happen, but her breath shuddered and rasped, her hands trembled.
When they were face-to-face he found her eyes open, trained on his, her lips quivering, tears trailing down her temples to dampen her hair. Her legs came around his waist and she released her grip on his head so as to twine her arms around his neck. The tip of his cock found her heat with flawless, heartbreaking precision.
There was no need for words, for anything but the connection crackling and streaming between them.

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  1. Great and a little bit sad.
    And Happy Canada Day! Woohoo! So happy for you! :)