Tuesday, July 3, 2012

T Minus 24 Hours

Fleeing Fate is being released tomorrow! I'm so excited about this book, the Pricked series and my own continuing Unveiled Seductions series (I'm sure you're tired of hearing that, but it's TRUE!!). Today I'm just posting the beautiful cover and blurb of Fleeing Fate but you can read an excerpt here, and look for me at Sidney Bristol's blog tomorrow, where I'll be giving away a copy of Fleeing Fate!

Fleeing Fate
Anya Richards

Jakuta Dagbo knows bad weather’s approaching, even though the sky above the faie world is clear. And when Gràinne Bairdie walks into The Midnight Café wanting an arcane tattoo, he realizes the tempest raging into his life has nothing to do with wind and rain. Just one look at her brings his storm god libido, and the protective instincts he no longer trusts, to thundering life.
Gràinne’s a banshee on the run, desperate to claim the emotions she’s sure are rightfully hers and with no time to explore the sparks of need flying between herself and Jakuta. What she’s trying to do will bring the wrath of the Banshee Council down on her head, and she knows they’ll do anything to stop her.
Yet, as Gràinne and Jakuta peel back the layers of their lives, searching for the answers she needs, they can’t ignore the lightning-hot passion searing their blood. And when emotion reaches its apex, demanding complete surrender to the cyclone of desire, neither can resist. Even if it means Gràinne’s banshee wail of release will be her last.

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