Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Take on A.J.'s Angel by L.A. Witt

I’m a L.A. Witt fan…let’s just get that out there. I like her style and the flow of her books and, most importantly, I like her characters. The situations they’re in read as realistic to me—I can totally believe their emotions and understand why they do the things they do.
So, already having read a couple of her books that I enjoyed, I couldn’t resist buying A.J.’s Angel. Here’s the blurb, so you understand why:

Tattoos fade with time. Emotions never lose their edge.
Luke Emerson is the last person Sebastian Wakefield expects to see strolling into his tattoo shop. But Luke’s not back after four years to take up where they left off. Not even to apologize for the cheating that broke them up.
Luke wants a custom tattoo, a memorial for someone known only as “A.J.”. Much as Seb would love to tell Luke to take his ink and shove it, he’s a professional. Plus, he’s reluctant to admit, he wouldn’t mind getting his hands on Luke again. Even if it’s just business.
Once Luke’s in the tattoo chair, though, Seb finds himself struggling with all the anger and resentment he thought he’d left behind—and those aren’t the only feelings reignited. Their relationship may have been turbulent, but it was also passionate. Four years clearly hasn’t been long enough for the embers of that fire to go cold.
A few subtle hints from Luke is all it takes to make Seb consider indulging in some of that physical passion. It shouldn’t be that tough to keep his emotions from getting tangled up in sweaty sheets.
After all, it’s not like he’s in love with Luke anymore. Right?
Product Warnings – Contains two exes who shouldn’t want each other like this, steamy ex-sex they shouldn’t be having, and a whole lot of ink.

Ex-lovers! Betrayal! The hints that what poor Seb thinks he feels may not be all there is to the story, even four years along. How could I resist?
I’m glad I didn’t.
As always, L.A.’s stories are equally as full of emotion as they are scorching hot. And one of the things I really like about them (and I don’t know if other readers feel this way) is that in the end, sometimes there aren’t any cut-and-dried answers as to why people do the things they do. I love getting lost in a fantasy world, but it’s the realistic touches that truly, for me, bring them to life. Sometimes people do stupid things for no good reason, then they have to deal with the fallout.
Seb’s internal dialog is spot on…that little voice that we all experience telling us, “Don’t fucking do it!” That little voice we all too often don’t listen to. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes bad, but I found myself shaking my head in sympathy as Seb battled with his tangled emotions.
To this point I haven’t met a L.A. Witt book I didn’t like, and A.J.’s Angel is no exception. If you like hot M/M romances with realistic situations and both heart and a few LOL moments, give A.J.’s Angel a read. You won’t be disappointed!

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