Sunday, July 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

O.M.G. What a week...I'm beyond thrilled at the reception Stone-Hard Passion has received. This is my thirteenth release in all, and having people love my work never, ever gets old. Thank you sooo much to everyone who's bought it and I really hope you've enjoyed it!
Please make sure to browse and comment on as many of the Six Sentence Sunday participating authors' posts as you can. We all appreciate it greatly!
This week, the black moment...or one of them anyway!

He’d first known he was falling in love with her when he realized she made him feel normal—not a troll, but just a regular being. The fall was completed when he realized she made him feel not just normal but like a normal man. It was something he’d never experienced before—never expected to experience. Now he’d come to crave it more than food, than water. The knowledge that she saw him, liked him, desired him, made him complete.
And he was on the verge of losing her, the end of this ideal moment of life coming at him as swiftly as the edge of the meadow and the cliff beyond.


  1. Ooh - this is incredibly powerful. What a thought-provoking final sentence. Very impressive.