Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pearl at the Gate: the little novella that could...

Wow! When the Pearl at the Gate was released from Samhain Publishing on June 24th, I have to confess I was worried. My Editor, Laurie, had classified it as erotica, rather than an erotic romance, and I had just seen a discussion on the Samhain Cafe loop where some of the ladies said they had no interest in erotica, because of a lack of plot and emotion. I was gutted...First and foremost I see myself as a romance writer. Emotion is central to everything I write. Seemed to me, from that conversation on the loop, there were a bunch of people who wouldn't even give Pearl a chance because of the tag, 'erotica'.

Well, imagine my shock and intense pleasure when I saw two wonderful reader reviews at My Bookstore and More, got an 85 out of 100 from Mrs. Giggles, who makes no bones about her dislike of novellas in general (too short, with usually not enough character development, from what I gather) and saw Pearl rocket up the Top Ten Best seller's list, all the way to number 4!!

Okay, Laurie, I are an Editing Goddess. Remind me not to doubt you again!