Sunday, July 31, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday!

Hi All!

This is my first foray into SSS and I thought I'd start with a snippet from Breaking Free. Hope you enjoy it!

Leaning down towards her, his voice deepened slightly. “I came back for another reason as well.” He paused, brown velvet eyes sharp on her face, poised to catch any nuance of reaction. “Come to the opera with me tonight.”

Temptation in all its finery—resplendent, decadent, and to be resisted. Claire bit her lip to stop from giving in, saw the curve of his lips deepen into a near smile.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm over at...

...the Long and Short Reviews blog party today. They're celebrating for a month and giving away amazing prizes. I'm at the Whipped Cream site, so come on over, and comment for a chance to win!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthdays are awesome!

Well, I like to think mine is, anyway. I finally got a Kobo e-reader as a gift from my husband and father! I'm so excited...but does it have to take fifty-billion hours to charge the darn thing??? I wanna play with it!

When I first thought about buying one, I had an hour-long commute and I thought it would be the ideal time to read on an e-reader. Then I switched jobs, and my commute was only about ten minutes. I decided not to bother getting one, since I would be reading mostly at home, and have no problem reading on my computer. Now, I'm back to that hour-long commute again, and can't WAIT to whip out my e-reader on the bus.

What with everything I've had in the works, there are a couple of books in particular on my TBR 'pile' I've been DYING to get a chance to read. One is Falling Hard by J.K. Coi. The other is Incarnate by A.C. Ruttan (who also writes as Amy Ruttan. As A.C.'s critique partner I read Incarnate when it was in its infancy, and really want to read the finished product!

It'll also be cool to load my own books onto my reader and, when I meet up with a romance lover, whip it out to show them!

Yeah, I love me some birthday surprises!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Slowly, I inch my way back in

My Dad is visiting from Florida and, although he's only been here for a couple of days I think he probably feels a little neglected! I've been working on some blog posts for the wonderful Long and Short Reviews' anniversary party this weekend, and retreated to seclusion to get them done. Poor Pops...I did offer him ice cream, though, the last time I went out to the living room. And he has the Hubster and our eldest for company. I'll make it up to him...promise!

Everyone's invited to the anniversary party, including me. Yeah!

You can find me at the Whipped Cream blog on July 30th, all day (until my daddy takes the T-bird away). Come by and comment on all the posts to be entered to win some great prizes--B&N Nook! WiFi Kindle! Gift cards! Exclamation points!

Wait, no. Those are freely available to anyone not afraid to look overenthusiastic.

Like me...

I'll have some random musings (with me, what else could you expect?) and excerpts from my books, as well as some teasers on upcoming releases.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there *throws confetti*

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Full Circle

Life seems to like doubling back on itself.

My grandfather, Walter, would never turn back once he left a place, even if he'd forgotten something. He said it was bad luck. Thankfully, I resisted taking on that particular superstition, since I'm terribly forgetful at times, and I'd have to go out without my keys, or purse, or whatever, if I refused to turn back once I'd left home. I never knew Walter, but I sometimes wonder if he felt the same way about going back to times, issues and lessons learned in the past? Would Grandpa be horribly annoyed if he found himself having to go back once he'd moved on from a particular person, place or thing?

I'm thinking sometimes we need to go back--to revisit old situations, maybe even re-live them--because we didn't get the whole or right lesson the first time around.

Right now I'm watching someone I love go through something I experienced in my own life, and at first it was frustrating--like watching a really bad movie and knowing how it was going to end, because you've seen it before and really didn't want to have to sit through it again. Then I realized it didn't have to end the same way. That person is different. The people around him are different to the ones I had around me at the time. And even if it does pan out in a similar way, maybe he needs to learn, the way I did, just what life is capable of throwing at you.

I also think I never did learn the lesson I was supposed to learn, so I'm learning it now, along with him. I'll let him be my guide, rather than visa versa, since clearly I wouldn't be a very good one.

We'll make it. I have faith in him and, certainly, a great deal more faith in myself than I had before. Together, we'll get through it.