Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday already???

This will be a fairly quiet blogging week for me, outside of whatever happens here. The most exciting event scheduled at the blog is that Lynne Silver is stopping by for Foodie Friday! I’m looking forward to seeing what she cooks up, so to speak…
Things are jumping at EDJ#1. It’s the busiest time of the real estate year and although this has been a sort of strange year, with a lot of action earlier because of a nice, mild spring, we’re still hopping. EDJ#2 is just being its usual self, and I’m actually hoping they neglected to schedule me for more than one shift this week. My writing mojo has been low, and I’d love an extra day this week to try and get it back!
On Tuesday I’ll talk about a book I read last week and really enjoyed. I like the idea of boosting other authors, so if I read something and enjoy it, I’ll post something about why I did. No ratings or anything like that and, since I tend not to read a lot when I’m writing, this will be a fairly sporadic feature of the blog. I’ll save ‘em up when I go on my reading marathons and spread them out. Unless they’re trad pubbed, they’ll still be available if anyone wants to check them out, so no need to rush!
Saturday I’ll be over at the Silken Sheets and Seductions blog, where I’m talking about what makes a hero sexy. Hope you’ll stop by and say hi!
Have a great week everyone, and don't forget to check out Fleeing Fate and the other Pricked books that released last week, Nick at Night by Eileen Ann Brennan and Sinful Southern Ink by S.J. Drum. There are more coming out this week, so save your pennies...there's a lot of hot, tattooed action waiting for you at EC!

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