Monday, June 4, 2012

The Week Ahead

Ahhh…Monday morning. What does the week hold for me? I have no clue, except that it will no doubt involve trying to rescue my shoes from an inquisitive, teething puppy (who right now seems sure there is gold to be found behind my back, if she could just dig hard enough to find it) and hopefully getting more done on my WIP, tentatively titled Luck is No Lady. When I started it I didn’t think it would run as long as it is, but hopefully that’s a good thing, rather than the alternative.

It’s the third book aimed at being a part of my Unveiled Seductions series but, of course, whether it makes it into Ellora’s Cave will be in the hands of my editor, the inimitable Grace Bradley. These books are set on the faie side of the Veil separating humans from what we call the supernatural beings. Of course, as far as the elves, vamps, gods, banshees, jinn, trolls and others living in the faie realm are concerned, we’re just another specie, who just don’t have access to both areas of the world like they do.

The first two books, Fleeing Fate and Stone-Hard Passion (don't you LOVE the covers?), being also part of the Pricked series of tattoo themed books, are already up for pre-order on the EC site! During the month of June I’ll be posting snippets of Fleeing Fate during Six Sentence Sunday, prior to its release on July 4th. In July I’ll post snippets of Stone-Hard Passion, which is scheduled for release on July 27th (the day before my birthday...happy birthday indeed!). In August I’m thinking it’ll be Luck is No Lady, but it’s a book with a serious twist, and I’m not sure how much I can post without giving that away! We’ll see LOL!

So, here’s hoping for everyone out there a safe and productive week! Or a really nice vacation…

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