Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Promo: Tattooed Tryst, Coming Soon from Cynthia Sax!

Welcome to Cynthia Sax, whose contribution to the Pricked series, Tattooed Tryst will be released on July 18, 2012. It sounds AWESOME, and is now available to pre-order here. Visit Cynthia's website for information on all of her amazing books. Take it away, Cynthia!

While we’re waiting for Anya’s fabulous Fleeing Fate to release (July 4th – don’t forget, we’ll be setting off fireworks to remind you), I thought we’d talk aliens. Yep, aliens. Anya writes about storm gods and banshees. I write about aliens.
Because I truly believe we’re not alone. Not only that, but I believe some of these aliens are already here on Earth. Come on. Don’t laugh. You’ve seen them. The hunky guy at the coffee shop putting six sugars in his coffee? Alien. That tiny blonde woman who wears her sunglasses inside buildings, claiming her eyes are ‘sensitive’? Alien. That new co-worker who has no family or friends and never ever talks about herself? Yep, alien.
It isn’t a crazy notion. It is simple math. Look at all of the stars in the night sky. Do you truly believe Earth is the only populated planet? And if these other species have the intelligence to travel through space, you know they must have the intelligence to blend in.
The Orogones in Tattooed Tryst are one such species. They are the chameleons of space. They take the forms of the species they visit, learning the language and customs, becoming one of us.
But they aren’t one of us. They have knowledge and abilities no humans have. Thankfully, they’re here on a peaceful mission, to monitor alien activity on Earth, sending the aliens who have overstayed their welcome home.
Eventually all aliens return home so it’d be foolish to fall in love with an alien. Lori, the heroine of Tattooed Tryst, finds this out the sexy way.  

When a tattooed stranger strides into the diner and gazes at Lori with his flame-infused eyes, she realizes he’s someone special. Something special.

There are tall, gorgeous aliens hidden among us, aliens armed with big guns and burning kisses, aliens taking what they want and whom they want, melting resistance with firm lips and rough, calloused touches. Aliens with fascinating tattoos…

Trake takes one look at the waitress serving up coffee and sultry smiles and knows she’ll be his. With military precision, he begins his passionate assault, using every weapon in his sexual arsenal to seduce Lori. Time is limited. He leaves Earth in nine days and his human mate can’t make the difficult journey. This is his sole chance at the ecstasy of bonding.

He will not fail.

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