Monday, June 18, 2012

The Week Ahead

It’s Monday, but I’m still on vacation! What a lovely feeling…of course, tomorrow I’m back at the EDJ, but it’s been fun while it lasted. Got some stuff done, was privileged to read both Cristal Ryder and Amy Ruttan’s new WIP (well, they were WIPs, but are now subs, GO GIRLS!), took the pup to the vet and did some shopping. I’m glad to report that the vet was pleased with Sable-girl’s condition. She and I seem to be coming to a bit more of an understanding about who, exactly, is Alpha Bitch in the house, so all is well in that regard!

This week I plan to finish the book I’m working on, book three in my Unveiled Seductions series, and start making some plans for the next. Right now what that will be is very much up in the air, because there are so many plots and so little time, plus a tempting sub call I just saw and am trying to talk myself out of trying for.
But until the book I’m working on now is finished, I have no brain-space to think about anything else. 

Somehow this one has gotten under my skin and I find myself wanting to make the journey for this couple as perfect as possible. I can’t remember the last time I’ve stressed this way over every scene, every word, every piece of dialog. I’m always anal when it comes to writing and editing, but this book has taken me to a whole new level. Pray God it comes out the way I hope. The expending of emotion is wearing me out.

Well, hope everyone has a great week and read on…there are worlds out there waiting for us to discover!

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