Thursday, June 28, 2012

Public Displays of Eroticism

Today I'm welcoming the dynamic trio of Cassandra Carr, Cristal Ryder and Jami Davenport, who are here to talk about their intriguing book, Public Displays of Eroticism, which will be released tomorrow! Enjoy the sneak peek, and add it to you TBB list!

Sex. Bed. Table. Desk. Mile high. Outside. What’s your pleasure? Cassandra Carr, Jami Davenport and Cristal Ryder like it outside and they take you on a wild ride that will have you wanting to take your loving from the bedroom to the beautiful outdoors!
A little bit of voyeurism and a whole lot of steamy loving as nature intended. Wild and natural. Get carried away like all our lovers do when one couple’s sexual antics at a local park inspires four other couples to bare it all in the open air.
These three multi published authors have come together, each with their own tales of risk, exposure and loving out of doors in an anthology titled Public Displays of Eroticism. It is due out on June 29 from Sybarite Seductions.


Public Displays of Eroticism-

The secret fantasy, sex in a public place. One couple's sexual antics at a local park inspires four other couples to bare it all in the open air. Featuring short stories by Cassandra Carr, Jami Davenport and Cristal Ryder.

Back to Nature by Cassandra Carr

A sub and her Master play hooky to indulge their exhibitionism kink and unknowingly start an entire chain of events.

Hail Mari by Jami Davenport

Meeting Mari Simms for one night of hot sex each year for the past four years is no longer enough for Wyatt Bedford, a ten-year veteran of professional football. This time, he plans on telling her he wants more. While waiting for her in a park, he stumbles upon a sight that changes his game plan and takes their relationship to whole new level. Can Wyatt and Mari find love in the final quarter with the clock ticking?

Taking it Outside by Cristal Ryder

Val sets up an afternoon of play with long-time boyfriend Tyler at a secluded beach.  After packing a goodie bag with playthings, she leaves a note for Tyler. While waiting for his arrival, through binoculars Val spots lovers on the distance shore, and when Tyler arrives, together they watch the couple. Voyeurism at its best. Turned on by watching the couple have sex, Val and Ty have their own public display of eroticism.
Taking their loving outside is a surprisingly erotic treat neither expected to enjoy as much as they do. But a bigger surprise awaits them, leaving them wondering if there is more to come.

A Whole New World by Cassandra Carr

After witnessing some dirty deeds in the woods, Miranda finds she has some kinks she didn't know about and discovers her boyfriend, Ross, is more than happy to help her explore them.

In the Open by Jami Davenport

Once a year, Jaid Angelini takes a break from her demanding career as a criminal defense attorney for a night of passion with young, hot pro-football player Alex Greeley. Despite misgivings about their age difference, Jaid desires a more permanent relationship and concocts a scheme to brand her name on his heart. After witnessing an exhibitionist couple in the park, her plan takes a turn toward the great outdoors. Will Alex and Jaid finally go for the long bomb or settle for minimum yardage?


From Back to Nature

We make the short drive to the lake and park the car. Dmitri takes my hand as we stroll around the perimeter. 

He soon pulls me out onto one of many scenic points overlooking the lake, and places me in front of him so we’re both facing the pristine, peaceful view. His erection nestles into my bottom as his hands steal underneath my shirt, kneading my breasts. Dmitri pulls the shirt up to expose me and I dart a quick glance around, wondering if the hikers at the other overlooks around the lake can see me. I lean my head back on his shoulder like I know he wants me to as he pinches and tweaks my nipples. 

Turning me around, he grabs me and lifts me to his pelvis briefly before setting me back on my feet. He leans down and re-wets the front of my shirt as he sucks on my nipples again. I moan, grabbing Dmitri’s head. A twig snaps and I look around him to see another couple about fifty feet away. They avert their eyes and walk past the overlook. As the exhibitionist in me comes alive, I grin and Dmitri’s head moves to my other breast.

Copyright 2012, Cassandra Carr


  1. Public Displays sounds like perfect poolside reading. Or maybe not, the lifeguards may not be safe ;).

    I'll make sure to stop by Sybarite tomorrow.

  2. LOL. Janis, you might be right about the lifeguard! I hope you enjoy PDE - we had a blast putting it together.

    Thanks for having us here Anya!

  3. Thank you for stopping by Janis and I agree...with a book this hot for a pool/beach read, no life guard will be safe!!

  4. And it's been great having you all here, Cristal. Thanks for being my guests!

  5. Hi Anya and the Dynamic Trio:)

    Huge congrats, ladies! Public Displays of Eroticism sound awesome! Must add to my TBR pile soonest!!

    Wishing you much success!