Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lynne Silver Heated Match tour!

Book one in the awesome Lynne Silver's Coded for Love series, Heated Match, is free until August 25th on Ellora's Cave and Amazon! And to celebrate, Lynne is giving away a Coded for Love tote with swag. If you're not familiar with it, here's the series blurb:

Engineered with superior strength, agility and acumen, the genetically enhanced soldiers of the top secret Program do the dangerous assignments no one else can. Now, they’re tasked with one additional job. Breed.

But finding and convincing their perfect DNA match they are the right men for the job may be their most dangerous mission to date. And the hottest. Good thing, they’re Coded for Love.

So now that we've wet your appetite, don't you want to hear about Heated Match? Yeah, I'm sure you do *grin*, so here we go.


A lead byline and a cover story—that’s what journalist Loren Stanton wants most. Until she meets genetically enhanced soldier Adam Blacker. Team leader of a top-secret covert ops group, Adam never wanted to search for his genetic match, but whenever he gets close to Loren, things turn hot quickly, making him forget every reason he had for retaining his bachelor status. After a scorching night together, neither doubts they’re connected at a DNA-deep level, although both fear the high stakes of what it means to be together.

Loren gives Adam two weeks to prove he’s bred for more than war. He must convince her that he’s also coded for love.

About the Author:

By day, Lynne Silver lives the suburban soccer mom life; volunteering with the PTA, doing laundry and working. By night she enters the sensuous world of alpha males and passionate heroines.

She calls the nation’s capital home and lives in an old fixer-upper with her husband and their two sons. When not writing romance, she reads it. Lots of it. Over and over and over again, preferably with a bag of M&Ms in hand.

She is represented by literary agent, Jessica Alvarez of Bookends LLC

How to Find Lynne:


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  1. HEATED MATCH sounds really good! I am definitely running and downloading the book right now :) Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!