Saturday, May 11, 2013

I love spring...except maybe today

I've been loving the advent of spring...warmth and flowers and all that stuff...but today it's cold and windy and walking the dog is not just a chore but the kind of chore that stays with you, leaving eau de soaked chien  wafting through the house.

But it did give me an excuse to stay in and finish a novella I'd been working on, and got me thinking about some pictures I'd taken during the week. I know they are the bane of gardeners life, but I quite like dandelions, seeing them as "you take your beauty where you can find it in the city", like here:

And here is a close-up of some of the little darlings. Of course, they won't look that way for long, but for now, I <3 them.

I'm also fascinated by the cherry trees around the area where I work, so I took a picture on Tuesday of last week of one of the branches, where the buds were just beginning to open.

And these are pictures of the same tree, three days later.


And a close-up:

I'm hoping that the tree won't either have passed it's full-on flower or been battered bare by the rain over the weekend, so I can take some more pictures. And, here's proof that there are no colour clashes in nature...

As I said, we take our beauty were we can find it in the city...and sometimes you have to get right down low to see it. Wildflowers and variegated clover.

Just some of the reasons I love spring. :)

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