Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Being Busy is Good

I like when I'm feeling productive, even though I sometimes grumble about not having time to scratch my butt. I've been editing for some awesome clients since the beginning of the year and that took up most of my time. I'm in a little lull now (I try to schedule in a few weeks where I'm not editing, so I can catch up on other things) and have been able to write a novella and a half, a short story and hopefully will get the fourth book in the Unveiled Seductions series finished soon too! :) Makes me happy.

I also heard that Ellora's Cave will be putting the first two books in the Unveiled Seductions into a print anthology! No word yet about when it'll be released (I'll be going to Romanticon this year, so it may be then) but it's still exciting. I love e-books like cats love arrogance, but there's still something really thrilling about holding a book with my name on the cover in my hand!

The two novellas that will be in the anthology are Fleeing Fate and Stone-Hard Passion, with two of the most awesome heroes I've ever written--Jakuta, my West African storm god and Vidar, the shy and gorgeous troll. The heroines are no slouches either, Grainne the banshee, looking to find and hold on to emotion, and Jasmina, the strong, sexy jinn who doesn't think she's capable of love. When the couples come together, magical sparks fly, in more ways than one!

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