Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Release day!!!

Release day, and I was stuck in the office having to smile and pretend I really, really didn't want to be doing a jig and shouting, "Breaking Free is here!!!!" It's like watching your child graduating College and, with that beautiful cover, graduating summa cum laude. It's on sale now over at Samhain Publishing (excuse me while I scare the heck out the husband, kid and cats with a scream of joy.)

Since I haven't posted it here before, I thought I'd share the trailer for Breaking Free, and let you know I'll be guest blogging next week over at Amy Ruttan's. Speaking of Amy, I want to say "Happy Release Day!" to her for tomorrow, when her novel Enemy Enchantress will be released by Eternal Press.

I hope you enjoy the trailer, and my latest book!

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