Friday, July 2, 2010

Breakin Free...YEAH!

I just got the final copies of Breaking Free!!

I’m so excited that this book is finally going to be released. It was the first erotic romance I ever wrote and, although it’s gone through extensive and repeated re-writes over the last five years, it’s still one of my favourites.

There’s something about Claire I really love. She’s worldly, having seen and done more than many women would ever want to, but still maintains a core of honour and basic goodness. It would be easy for her to become jaded—she has no illusions about the consequences of her past—yet she’s determined not to give in to sadness or regret.

And what’s not to love about Xavier? His past is riddled with sadness, with regret. He’s never experienced love really, yet there is a part of him that knows it exists, even if not for him. How could he resist Claire’s offer of passion—of a chance to experience all the warmth and eroticism she has to give?

I just had to share my excitement and show you my cover, which I think is absolutely gorgeous!

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