Tuesday, January 6, 2009


As a quick corollary to my previous post-

I wrote a short piece a few days ago, went through the gamut of emotions, including the slight depression as I hit 'send' and wished it all the best. But the compulsion to keep looking at it, seeing if there was some way to make it better, lingered. So, giving in, I opened the file one more time, and started to read...

Suddenly the story didn't seem as compelling as before! Don't you wish it was like that in life when you break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend/lover, that as soon as you know it's over, you can look at them and think, "Why was I so into them in the first place?" LOL!

I still love the story, but now I can move on...

One other thing...I just got my icon for being a CAPA nominee. I still can't believe The Pearl at the Gate was nominated and grin everytime I think about it. Here's the icon!
Isn't it bee-oo-ti-ful??? :-)

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