Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Sunday Six!

LOL! We had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and I'm still feeling the effects! Welcome to my little corner of Six Sentence Sunday and please browse the other authors participating today by going to the list here.

Today I'm featuring a snippet from my upcoming erotica release, What the Mistress Did.

Lady Harrington has received a visit from her ex-lover's new wife, who has a--shall we say--a most unusual demand.

Love? How can she mention that word to me, wield it like a sabre to slice away my carefully constructed lies? How dare she expose my pain and shame to the open air, as though remarking on nothing more than the colour of my hair or the style of a dress?

Words of repudiation rise to my lips but find no release. I want to tell her to go, but something holds me back.

Does she know the risk she takes, coming to me, trying to put herself into my hands?