Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday!

I have a horrid cold and will spend most of today sleeping, I think. But here is another tidbit from my WIP, now tentatively called Arctic Destiny...Make sure to check out all the other SSS participants, the list is here.

In this scene, my H/h are savoring being back together...

He realized he had wrapped his arms around her, was squeezing far too tightly, and loosened his hold. “How could I not be, having you here like this?”

A soft chuckle greeted his response, as though she didn’t believe he meant what he said. “It does feel good, doesn’t it?”

Good wasn’t how he’d describe it. Words like amazing, beautiful, perfect came to mind, but he didn’t contradict her, just savored the sensations, breathed in her scent as he rubbed his lips along the soft slope of her shoulder.