Friday, August 19, 2011


Through the week, that is, and what a week it was! I put my Dad back on the plane for Florida :(, got my release date for Beyond Prudence (September 9th, o_O!), had scads of family hanging around and just today got a sneak peek at cover goodness, which, unfortunately, I can't share yet! :D
I'm such a tease...
I also have a date to look forward to with my husband tomorrow, so we can celebrate our anniversary. (Love you honey!)
But for now I'm here alone at home (looks around, wide-eyed, and listens to the blissful quiet) working on a little sump'n/sump'n and just enjoying this sensation of being all by myself, which is something I need like a cat needs a human to boss around and haven't had in, oh, about a month!!
So, I'm going back to work, savoring the P&Q and gearing up for the weekend. I'll be putting together a blog tour to promote Beyond Prudence, and posting a snippet for Six Sentence Sunday this week.
I'm so excited!!

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