Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm baaack

Well, that was a heck of a hiatus! I've been slogging away at work and on a couple of subs, plus getting ready to move from one town to another. Blogging fell by the wayside for a while, but I'm finally coming out of the fog.

I'm very excited that my next novella, The Pearl at the Gate, will be released on June 24, 2008 again from Samhain Publishing. It's the story of Roake Barbenoir, who has everything a man could possibly want, wealth, social status, and the perfect Regency wife, Jenesta. The daughter of a Viscount, Jenesta is all he could hope for in a helpmeet, calm, capable and innocent. Yet Roake longs to shatter the very characteristics that first attracted him to her. In his dreams he is her demon lover, taking her to heights of passion he knows could frighten and repulse the gently raised Jenesta. He will do anything to protect her tender sensibilities.

With one act of defiance, Jenesta shatters Roake's resolution, discovers passion beyond her wildest imagining and risks losing the very thing she craves - Roake's love.

This is a very HOT, very explicit story, not for the faint of heart. Maybe one day I'll write something I can send my old Auntie as a gift...but this ain't it. See the new cover and read an excerpt at the Coming Soon page on the Samhain Publishing site.

Happy reading!

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