Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Amazing reviews for Dragon's Claim

I'm flying high on the reviews of Dragon's Claim that have been posted since its release, two awesome ones coming out almost back-to-back over the last couple of days. This first review, a five star one, on April 29th, was from The Jeep Diva's site and said in part:

"Dragon’s Claim by Anya Richards was an exquisite tale of the unrequited love between long ago friends and the courage they exhibited to pursue and cement their love..." "I felt every nuance of their despair and Ms. Richards words brought me to tears." You can read the full review here.

Then, on June 15th, RomFan Reviews posted their review (five men) the highlight of which, for me anyway, was:
"This was one of the most powerful love stories I've read in a long time." "...I actually found myself tearing up towards the end when they're saying their goodbyes." Read the rest here.

Finally, today, came a 4.75 star review from the Joyfully Jay site. Snippets that thrilled me included:
"They are one of my new favorite couples." "This tale is captivating. It’s a sweet, exciting, sad, heart-pounding rollercoaster ride, and completely worth it."
Full review here.

It's been wonderful to see others have enjoyed this book as much I have... have fallen in love with the characters, which happen to be two of the favorite I've ever written.

I'm in the process of writing a series of short, historical fantasy-based m/m novellas, and can only hope they'll be as well received!

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