Sunday, January 27, 2013

Catching Up on Life

So, the Hubby is watching Top Gun for the cajillionth time (after fifteen years together I only just found out that movie was responsible for his fascination with jets! Go figure...) and I'm feeling a little bit self-satisfied. After taking the Beansie Pup for a nice long walk, I just scheduled a whack of blog posts and realized that unless another blog hop comes my way, I'm all caught up to the end of February!

I joined a few group blogs last year, and this, my personal blog, fell to the wayside because of it. I'm at Darker Temptations, Beyond the Veil and The Cabal of Hotness, but when my awesome pal Lea Barrymire asked if I wanted to participate in tours put on by Candlelight Promotions, I couldn't resist. So, in the coming weeks I'm welcoming Lea Barrymire's Bound at the Ball blog hop (February 6th), Indie Book Covers hop (February 11th) and the amazing Cara Carnes (February 20th). It'll be lots of fun, and they all include giveaways, so come on by!

Although January seems to have flown by, it also seems as thought February is taking FOREVER to get here. Why am I excited about it? Because on the sixth this will be available:
And, if that weren't enough, on the twenty-second, this comes out:
Did I hear you yell, "WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE?" LOL! You'd be well within your rights! The Fondled and Gobbled series are anthologies packed to the covers with erotic spoofs, goofs and just downright hilariousness! Don't take my word for it...they're available for pre-order, so go get your won't regret it, I promise!

Then, on the last day of February I'll also be making available a freebie here on my blog. It's an oldie but goodie, recently revamped, called Cupid, Be Mine, and a winner of the Love is in the Air blog hop will win the chance to be the first to read it, before it's made public (along with other awesome prizes). If you want a chance to be that lucky winner, look out for the hop at some of your favorite blog sites.

Hope the coming week is a wonderful one for you, and you'll come back to see what other craziness is happening here at The Journey Continues.

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